"Those who wish to succeed must ask the right preliminary questions" ~Aristotle

  • How do we inspire while creating a greater sense of empathy? Community Building Through Art, Apparel & Experiences
  • How do we achieve purposeful growth? Cooperation & Collaboration While Leveraging Synergies
  • How do we create change? Empathy - Information & Inspiration, Leading By Example
  • What is our work? Creating, Conservation, Sharing, Informing, Encouraging & Facilitating
  • What is our model? The Tree of Life, Strong Roots Beneficial to Our Neighbors

Our Story

When did this moment begin? Who can answer that. There was a moment when an idea was seeded and at that moment the soil was fertile, roots formed and have been growing deep. The seed was planted through social media and that will remain a vital channel of what we do as creating awareness is a key goal of the projects.

Social media facilitates unlikely collisions or connections of people and ideas. Mainstream media began with a need for information. There was a time when perhaps media meant journalism. Today media is just another industry built upon making impressions for profit, it's about influence and not much more. And while there remain some excellent journalists and channels for information crucial to well informed decisions, it appears that the audience has become the best media channel for information and influence.

All too often we are unaware of the true implications of our actions. The idea behind what we are doing is simple, it's about building a community based on the belief that there is enough for all of us and when we work together, when we cooperate and collaborate, we can achieve an end result that is compelling and meaningful to others. It's about a willingness to face reality no matter how ugly it can be at times and do something to make it beautiful.

This idea is about giving people better information and choices that will enrich their lives.

Sometimes it is with the process itself where the beauty outshines the end result. And isn't that the beauty of life, the journey - the complete experience not the destination.



Our model is the tree because their symbolic value is as great as their functional role in our worldwide ecosystem. From an organizational perspective of leadership serving as the roots to support the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit. Trees rely upon and take nutrients from the land or soils where they are rooted but they also give back nutrients to the soils that sustain them and beyond. It is not a process of growth through depletion but growth in and through renewal.

Our logo, a rhino on a surfboard represents much more than rhinos and surfing - it represents an unlikely pairing or an "Impossible Collaboration".  The rhino is a magnificent and powerful creature, a modern day dinosaur, a powerful herbivore that lives of the land and only takes what it needs to live in balance with it's natural surroundings. Surfing represents a culture with origins that were often viewed as rebellious or counter culture but what it represents to us is an admiration and movement or dance with nature, it is balance with forward movement.

And this is what we are setting out to create, our purpose is unlikely pairings of people and ideas that when curated effectively can lead to positive results and or meaningful growth. To do good and have fun doing it.

When we talk about saving the rhinos, we want to do much more than that. Saving the rhinos is just where our story begins but our vision embodies a purposeful lifestyle where we come together for what is good, what is just, and for what is beautiful.

"Surf more, stress less. Do good. Save the rhinos and wear something that matters."

Translation: Do what you love. Let go of fear. Help others. Be a good steward, consume with purpose and without ego.