All life matters.

Today is always a difficult day but one that I remember how fortunate I am to have had every day since no matter how good or bad they may seem, they are days and with the right attitude they add up to something meaningful, something I am grateful and thank God for... each and every one.

I'll never forget looking down into my two month old daughter's eyes that morning as events unfolded beyond anything we could have imagined and comprehended and realizing that had I not changed my schedule that day I may never have looked into those eyes again or ever seen my son's. We were fortunate at Westfield to only lose one colleague Bruce Eagleson, one was too much.

Always thankful for Bruce and his family that despite the pressures of his new job as Regional VP with oversight of WTC that he took his annual family vacation with his brother's and their families as they did every year together - that they had that time together before he was gone forever.

I see a lot of posts that involve "never forget" or "always remember" but I think perhaps we have forgotten or do tend to forget most days what may be the most important lesson... help one another, be kind, be compassionate and work together, collaborate to make our world a better place, this gives it the most meaning and value - to us as well. Let's never forget that.

When you look at all the people that were lost that day - it didn't matter what color they were, their gender, sex, orientation, race or religion (Muslims were victims too)... People came together. NYC was a different place for awhile, less honking, less impatience, less sweating the small stuff, more compassion... for awhile.

So yes, let's never forget those lost and those who lost them. Let's not forget those suffering worldwide that are out of site and out of mind unless we are mindful to notice. And let's also not forget the things that led to this great tragedy and let's not forget how we got through it... together.