Respect the Horn, Respect Life. Stop Poaching & Sport Killing.

#respectthehorn is an Instagram based campaign established to assist the global effort to save the rhinos through 1) sharing information in an effort to educate and create empathy 2) supporting conservation organizations efforts while promoting alignment among them and 3) promoting and supporting the efforts of other advocates. 

The Issue: In 2015 over 1,500 Rhinos were poached illegally, slaughtered for their horns and left to rot otherwise. Things are getting worse not better, confirmed rhino deaths are up 265% in the last 5 years. 

Poachers slaughter well over 1,500 rhinos every year in Africa to meet black market demand for rhino horn. The horn is ground into fine powder and consumed as tea, primarily in China and Vietnam, due superstitious beliefs in the region that it will promote sexual vitality. It has been reported that demand has for horn has grown over 7,000% over the last three years despite growing activism and conservation efforts.

Rhino horn is not bone and consuming it is scientifically no different than chewing and eating ones own finger or toenails as they and horn are made of a protein called Keratin. These superstitious beliefs are the primary threat fueling demand for rhino horn, followed by demand for them as ornaments.

In Asia the Palm tree deforestation has also taken a toll on indigenous rhinos there such as the Sumatran and Javan. There has been a shift in demand with an increase in Vietnam where it is now popular to shave horn into cocktails as a demonstration of affluence and power.  A subspecies of the Javan rhino was declared extinct in Vietnam in 2011. In 2013 The Western Black Rhino, another sub-species, was also declared extinct with one known surviving Northern White Rhino.

At a rate of up to (10) ten or more rhinos slaughtered a day, without a dramatic change, the rhinos have less than 10 years left on earth before extinction. We must unite in this battle and take responsibility for our planet and ALL life on it. Our goal is to focus primarily on creating awareness and empathy. Our second purpose is to raise funding to support different initiatives on the ground working on protecting and preserving the rhinos and other species as well. #RESPECTTHEHORN means Respect Life. Please join us in this campaign.

Our campaign utilizes social media, art, and fashion to create awareness, educate the public on trends threatening the species, encourage social solidarity toward conservation, and inspire action towards personal and widespread social change in order to preserve the rhinos as a species and all life on earth.

There are several ways anyone can be part of our campaign: Sharing information, brand ambassadorship, donations, event or function hosting, and or purchasing our collaboration based apparel designed to start conversations, raise awareness, and provided essential funds to on the ground organizations making a difference.

All of our grants to organizations in Africa will be through our US partner Empower's Africa, they also provide assistance vetting each organization in order to ensure that funding is allocated responsibly and effectively.